90 Insane Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Decor Ideas

Insane Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Ideas (6)

Master baths typically accommodate two people at once. Efficiency is just as important as comfort. Use these tips to plan a functional and beautiful bathroom.

The master bath is the largest bath in the home and is typically connected or adjacent to the master bedroom. Offering a tub and separate shower, two sinks, generous mirror and countertop space, and a private toilet area, this design allows two people to use the room at the same time. Basic fixture and surfaces make it affordable.

Even if you don’t change the layout of your bath, you can upgrade a few or several elements to make the space a better fit for your lifestyle and taste. Faucets, fixtures, flooring, lighting and storage features are all good candidates for change. If you do change the layout, moving or adding utilities will make the project more expensive.


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