45 DIY Bathroom Organization and Storage Ideas

DIY Bathroom Organization and Storage Ideas (4)

There are a number of ways to add storage and organize your bathroom without spending a fortune and without needing a lot of floor space. Just a few little tips can drastically change the look and function of your bathroom.

We hope our tips, tricks and hacks would help you to find a place for all these towels, toilet paper, makeup, toothpaste and other things that usually could be found in any bathroom small or big. You’ll learn how to make the most out of small bathrooms and how to organize storage in spacious bathrooms without hurting their design.

We also have a separate roundup that feature storage ideas for small bathrooms only. Although here you’ll find lots of different bathroom organization ideas too, including awesome open shelving solutions, beautiful cabinets, cute ways to label things, clever uses of basket storage, interesting makeup storage ideas, unique cabinet storage hacks, clever ways to hide storage and much more.

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