65 Beautiful Tween Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Girls

Beautiful Tween Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Girls (36)

If your tween feels like bedroom dècor is cramping his or her style, you may want to consider updating it. But the cost of redoing a bedroom can quickly skyrocket, especially if you comply with every one of your tween’s desires for the ultimate pad.

When you decide to redecorate a tween’s room, first talk to him or her about budgeting. Find out if there are any specific items that your tween son or daughter wants in the bedroom, then figure out how to incorporate them into a cost-effective design that will last. If it involves a major furniture overhaul, you may want to check out thrift stores and secondhand shops. But there are a number of simple tweaks you can make in a tween’s room that will give it a fresh feel.

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