80 Small Balcony Furniture and Decor Ideas

Small Balcony Furniture and Decor Ideas (70)

A good studio apartment definition isn’t just “single room apartments”, or “one room apartment”. It is a small, self-contained apartment which is very efficient, and comes with all the essential rooms, without any walls or divisions, and you have a lot of creative freedom.

We’ve gathered dozens of examples of space-saving furniture for your small apartment to enhance your living space, organize your belongings and give your home the modern edge you’re after. We also have some ideas for color accents to make your space your own. Before you add any furniture to your small apartment, take a weekend to organize and clear your place.

Once you’ve sorted all your stuff, give your apartment a fresh paint job or a good wall and surface scrub to freshen it up. Starting with a blank canvas is liberating. Now it’s time to personalize!

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