45 Functional Small Kitchen Sorage Organization Ideas

Functional Small Kitchen Sorage Organization Ideas (7)

Are you planning to cook for the holidays this year? Cooking in a small kitchen can be really frustrating, but if you get creative about your kitchen storage you’ll find you probably have a lot more room than you thought! Here are a bunch of creative storage ideas and organization tips to help you make the most of your small kitchen!

When space is tight, corralling all of our things is key, so swap chaos for organization inside drawers, along walls and on open shelves. Line kitchen drawers with removable dividers to give everything from eating utensils to measuring cups a proper place to belong. Enlist a blank wall to house a cork board and calendar as your family’s information zone, stash wine glasses under a cabinet with the help of a stemware hanger, or install a floating shelf above the stove to line up spices.

Who says storage and style are mutually exclusive?

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