50 College First Apartment Decorating Ideas

College First Apartment Decorating Ideas (10)

Remember your old days as a college kid? Small bedrooms, crowded studios and smelly rooms. No decor, just some random furniture thrown around. All you did was studying anyway.We take a look at the current interior designs that are making a success among college students and let us give you a small heads up: kids have become better at it.

What can be even more fun, though, is when you’re really on your own, living in off-campus housing. You get to gather a group of friends together, sign a lease on an apartment or house, and begin your journey as upperclassmen. Living in apartments for college students means no R.A.s and definitely more freedom. You can have parties, not worry about noise restrictions and generally feel more on your own.What you also have the opportunity for, which you may not have had in the dorms because of certain other restrictions, is decorating.

The decor in these rooms might rekindle some memories or maybe even cause some envy.

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